Oil System Components

Oil System Components refer to any product that must house some variation of oil, from common engine oil to hydraulic fluid. These parts range in a variety of materials and casting processes from aluminum die casting to solid steel bar stock. Annual volumes are mainly determined by the application, from automotive to heavy truck to industrial applications. Some of the components that are examples of this are the following:

  • Oil Filter Adapters
  • Oil Pump Housings
  • Hydraulic Manifolds
  • Oil Pans
  • Rear Oil Seal Retainers
  • Oil System Component 1
  • Oil System Component 2
  • Oil System Component 4
  • Oil System Component 3
  • Oil Filter Cooler Die Cast
  • Manifold Trunnion 4130 Steel Billet
  • Transmission Center Section Ductile Iron
  • OFA Assy. Sand Cast