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Expertise in Complex Assemblies

AMT’s expertise in machining difficult to make parts also means those parts often require complex sub-assemblies. Another strength of AMT is our ability to perform these complex sub-assemblies in-house with precision, whether it be the installation of a baffle or wire tire harness to the full assembly of sub-components and moguls.

At AMT, complex assemblies require a specific strategy to ensure flawless execution. Below is a sample of an assembly strategy plan used at AMT when conducting complex assemblies.

Sample Oil Pan Assembly Strategy

PLC controlled Cup Plug & Drain Plug assembly station with hydraulic fixtures that have constructed in Poka-Yoke devices to prevent nonconforming product from being manufactured.

  • Machined casting is to locate on machined holes on –A- surface. If a hole is missing or out of location, part will not locate correctly and machine will not cycle.
  • Camera and thread detection lasers to check for presence of threads. If presence is not detected the cycle will not start.
  • Force over distance monitoring for Cup Plug installation.
  • Torque and Angle will be measured on drain plug installation.
  • Parts that fail assembly and/or Poke-yoke check will be placed on a slide leading to the back of the machine to seperate nonconforming material from the process flow.
  • Successful assembly cycle will send a signal to the Op50 leak test station to allow the next cycle to run with a one-piece flow.
  • Part Handling off of the sealing surface wearing cotton gloves.
  • Pass & Fail masters to validate assembly station at the start of each shift.

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